8 Steps to Buying a Home

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Ever wondered what do to first, next, then every step along the way when purchasing a home?  
Read on to find out!  

1. Meet with a Real Estate Professional
• Find someone you can build a relationship with
• Discuss types of homes, neighborhoods, style, needs, desires, location, and price

2. Get Pre-Approved
• Work with your lender or your agent’s preferred and trusted agent to get pre-approval
• Obtain a copy of your pre-approval letter

3. Search for Homes --The fun part!
• Let your agent take on the bulk of the work using their resources (tools & systems) with your specific criteria
• Get set up on your agent’s home search portal

4. Make an Offer
• Your agent will prepare the offer based on the price and terms you discuss

5. Negotiate and contract
• It may take a few tries but hang in there!
• Or you could hit the bullseye on the first offer

6. Escrow
• Effectively, the home is being held for you until closing
• On average, escrow lasts about 30 days

7. Final Details
• Appraisal
• Inspection
• Terms reviewed and finalized with the lender
• Ensuring all the contingencies (criteria laid out in the contract) are met

8. Closing
• All the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted
• Transfer of funds and ownership
You get the keys to your new home!


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